Wednesday, 09th March 2016

If you're a pie lover we'd thoroughly recommend a visit to The Blanket Hall and their wonderful pie shop!

Read more on our blogpost from last year (just before they opened).

Friday, 19th February 2016

We're painting our beams with Inchyra Blue by Farrow & Ball.

Inchyra Blue

Pronounced: with a ‘ch’ as in China, not a hard ‘c’ sound.

This is inspired by a bespoke colour made for Lord & Lady Inchyra at beautiful classic Georgian Inchyra House in Scotland. Inchyra Blue is used on the exterior doors of their very impressive byre (or barn) which was restored in 2013. It nestles at the bottom of a rather grey and imposing brae (or hill) so needed to have a depth to it but also be sympathetic to its dramatic backdrop and work with the moody Scottish skies.

Inchyra Blue, like many of Farrow & Ball's colours, is difficult to put in a box. To some it reads grey and to others green, but what is for certain is that it is the perfect alternative to charcoal for use on walls in contemporary homes. However, it is just at home on the exterior of traditional properties. Its uncertain colour creates an unmatched moodiness especially when combined with Black Blue or Vardo. For the less adventurous it also works perfectly with all the Architectural Neutrals.

Friday, 19th February 2016

Painting has begun on the interior walls of our new Corn Street shop. We were going to leave the walls a little more 'rustic', but have now decided they need freshening up a little. We're using Dulux's 'Egyptian Cotton' and are spraying in a Supermatt finish.

Supermatt is a top quality, economical, high-opacity matt emulsion which gives excellent coverage and application. Suitable for all interior wall and ceiling surfaces, particularly new plaster that is still drying out.